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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

Are you thinking about selling your home? Has someone approached you about seller financing the home? Is this an option that you need to know more about? Working with a real estate agent can help you avoid costly mistakes when selling your home. He or she can help you learn about seller financing and determine if it would be a good option for you to consider. My real estate agent helped me sell my home to a wonderful family that didn't have credit that was established enough to take out a traditional mortgage. Visit my site to find out what we looked for to determine if this was a wise decision for us to make.


seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?


2 Tips For Buying A Home With Rental Income Potential

When you buy a home, you can to turn it into an investment property and rent out the home in the future. As you look at homes for sale, there are some factors you should keep in mind when choosing a home to buy that you can turn into a rental investment. Here are two tips to use to help guide you in making a smart investment and home buying decision.

Can You Lease Your Home For A Sporting Event?

If you live in a destination city for a major sporting event, you may be wondering how the influx of tourists will affect your daily life. You may also be wondering whether there's any way you can profit from this event while avoiding the crowds yourself. If you'd rather not stick around for the hubbub and are willing to open your home to excited sports fans, you may want to consider putting your house into rental service for the duration of the event.

3 Tips To Get Your Property Portfolio Off To A Great Start

When it comes to starting up a property portfolio, many budding investors have trouble getting off the mark. While their ideas and ambition may be great, they have trouble ensuring their first buy is the right one to act as a backbone for further investments. As such, what should you look for when making your first real estate purchase? Choose an Area with Investment Potential When choosing a neighborhood to invest in, it's important that you don't make a decision based on money alone.