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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

Are you thinking about selling your home? Has someone approached you about seller financing the home? Is this an option that you need to know more about? Working with a real estate agent can help you avoid costly mistakes when selling your home. He or she can help you learn about seller financing and determine if it would be a good option for you to consider. My real estate agent helped me sell my home to a wonderful family that didn't have credit that was established enough to take out a traditional mortgage. Visit my site to find out what we looked for to determine if this was a wise decision for us to make.


seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

How to Bring Key Home Selling Points to Life With Virtual Reality

by Dan Vasquez

It's what every home seller fears the most. Your home is for sale but no one is showing up for your open houses. Fewer people want to traipse through homes, each with its own families of microbes having taken up residence. It takes some innovation to figure out how to sell your home in this day and age. Virtual home tours. Virtual tours are not a necessary alternative to a live showing to sell a home.  

Sell a Home Through Virtual Reality 

Whether shopping for homes, cars, or shoes, shoppers are expecting to be seduced by an immersive 3D experience. All major brands are adopting VR in their Instagram, Facebook, and other online activities. In real estate, a life-like 3D experience can provide the marketing pull to arrange a private inspection or close the home sale. To engage online buyers, real estate agents will spend $2.6 billion on VR/AR software by 2025. When your home buyers can physically move around a space, walk down the hardwood floors, and admire the panoramic view of the mountains, you're more likely to move the sale of your home to the next level. 

Book the One-on-One Property Inspection

If the buyers like what they see on the VR tour, they will typically request an inspection. However, some buyers may not realize that a private in-person inspection is an option. If buyers are not informed upfront that one-to-one property inspections are available, an opportunity so sell a home is missed. By including pop-up prompts to book an inspection, you can make sure they do not forget your home. Otherwise, buyers will window shop and move onto another virtual home tour. 

Make the High Impact Virtual Sell With AR

If buyers have unanswered questions, they will bookmark your tour, but may forget to come back. With a virtual tour, you have the opportunity to deliver more detailed, engaging, and targeted information to your buyer. For example, you can use augmented reality (AR) to:

  • provide pop up displays of the most recent home inspection, HVAC system, or other reports.
  • show you're home's location in the most desired school or lowest property crime district, or other selling points.

Your real estate agent can authoritatively answer questions about similar homes and the neighborhood through online chat or Zoom. 

Virtual tours do not have to lose the personal touch. You and your buyers will enjoy meeting and having a Q&A over a live Zoom tour of the property's expansive bay view. VR and AR provide many more opportunities to sell a home by bringing key selling points to life.