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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

Living In A Luxury Mountain Home Comfortably And Safely

by Dan Vasquez

If you have reached the point in your life where you are interested in looking at luxury mountain homes for sale for your family, but you have decided you want that luxury home to be located in the heart of the mountains, then you want to be prepared for this way of life. While your family may have everything to keep you warm, safe, entertained, and comfortable in that luxury home, there are things to know each time you go outside with regards to tending to the home's and property's needs as well as other things to know when living in this terrain.

Make sure you purchase a safe luxury home

While a luxury home may look perfect, you just want to verify it is in a safe location. Verify that you won't have to worry about the home being in the path of possible avalanches. Also, make sure the home isn't located in a flood zone, or going to be at risk of worrisome landslides in the case of floods. As long as you check to be sure the home is in a safe area, then you can feel free to purchase it and start planning for an exciting and gorgeous home environment with so much to offer.

Learn about the wildlife that you will be sharing your property with

Don't assume you know about the wildlife you will be sharing your property with because you figure them to include bears, deer, and mountain lions. The truth is, different parts of the country have different types of wildlife. For example, if you live in the mountains of California, you won't need to worry about wolves, as they are virtually extinct in California. However, they can be a real concern in other states. Also, knowing about the type of bears you will be dealing with is important. Grizzly bears are going to be your biggest worry since they are considered to be the most dangerous. Although, all bears can attack humans.

Learn about the different ways you can deter the wildlife you are concerned about. Also, realize even keeping cute animals like deer off your property will prove to be important, since having them on your property increases your chances of predators following them. One example of a way many people who live in very mountainous settings go about keeping bears away is to urinate around the perimeter of the house. While this may not seem very 'luxurious', it can be very helpful when it comes to seeing good results with regards to keeping bears from feeling too at home on your property.

Learn about the weather you will be dealing with

In the mountains, you won't really have to be too concerned about the summer months in most ways, but if you live in a drought region, then you will want to do what you can to protect yourself in the case of a wildfire. Try to keep a good amount of clearing around your home where there isn't a lot of trees, weeds, dry brush, etc. You also want to make sure you have outlined as many evacuation routes as possible and that you know where all of the accessible roads near you are, so you know you can get out if you need to leave. Also, keep a go-bag packed that you can quickly grab.

Know how much snow the property generally gets and educate yourself on everything you need to know about dealing with snow if you don't have experience with living in a good deal of snow. Also, consider owning a 4x4 vehicle that will make it much easier for you to drive in the snow.


Once you have taken all the appropriate steps to educate yourself on mountain living, you will be ready to begin enjoying that lovely luxury property that you and your family can look forward to being extremely happy and comfortable in for many years to come.