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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

Some Seller's Etiquette You May Want To Follow

by Dan Vasquez

When you are getting ready to sell a house, you want to try to please potential buyers in as many ways as possible so they see why your home should be the one they put an offer on. Your realtor may go over some of the things you should do to achieve this, such as keeping the yard cleaned up, making sure the grass isn't allowed to die, keeping the inside ready to show, replacing old items that can be replaced inexpensively and so on. However, there are other things you can also do that just show proper etiquette and which will also help your home show better:

Try to have people to a minimum

Your agent can call without a moment's notice to let you know they have someone interested who would love to come right over and see your home. While this may be a big inconvenience, it's best if you can accommodate them right when they want to come.

If you have company over, it may be best to apologize and ask if they can excuse themselves for long enough for you to shoe the house. If this isn't feasible, try to have them move to an area out of the way, such as the backyard or in one family room. This way, the people looking at your home won't feel like intruders and hurry out before they see all the wonderful things your home has to offer.

Hide and clean up after your pets

Not everyone is going to love having your dog jumping on them and your cat rubbing around their ankles the way you do. In fact, some people have bad fears of all different types of animals, including birds. This is one reason why you want to keep them put up and out of sight. Another important reason is to avoid chasing buyers out of your home from pet allergies.

  • Keep the house vacuumed, swept and dusted while it is on the market.  
  • Brush your pets outside to keep as much of the fur and dander out of the house as possible when people will be coming through to look at it.
  • Change your bird cage as often as possible and make sure you vacuum any drapes, carpet, and furniture the birdcage is near since some people's asthma and other allergies can quickly worsen when around bird's feathers, dander, and dust.
  • Move dog beds, cat beds, and cat scratching posts outside for a showing for this same reason.
  • Always keep litter boxes clean.

Don't Interject unless asked a direct question

If you are home during a showing, try to stay in the background and let the realtor do their job. It is only if they invite you into the conversation or ask you a direct question that you should consider joining in. This way, you are allowing the realtor to take charge and be the one that the buyer does the most speaking to. This can be important because the agent will know all the right and wrong things to say, where you may accidentally say the wrong thing, even though you may think you are helping.

Also, the buyer may want to ask some questions about the house they may worry about offending you and you being within earshot may prevent them from doing so. However, they may feel those questions are important when it comes to helping them decide whether or not they want to put in an offer on your home.