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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

Building Etiquette For New Renters

by Dan Vasquez

Renting office space for the first time can be exciting as you can finally tell people that you have your own commercial space. But you also need to be aware of general building etiquette to ensure that your business is a good neighbor to the other businesses, too. Much of it is common sense, but sometimes people don't realize that offices are not in their own little worlds, and the occupants forget to follow some basic guidelines.

Careful With Music

Office buildings, even if they were constructed with quality materials and methods, are not always the most soundproof. Please be careful of music and TV volumes, and try to keep voices down. It's nice to have a good work crew who gets along well, but if you're all constantly yelling and laughing at near-party volume, that can disturb others in the building. It's one of those things that is common sense, but in the excitement of setting up a new office, it can get a bit out of hand.

You Need a Waiting Area

If you will have customers or colleagues coming to your office, be sure you set up a waiting area inside your rented space. You don't want to have groups of people milling about in the hallway. That worked in college when students waited in the hallway to speak to a professor during office hours. But in a commercial office space, you need to arrange for a waiting area even if it means requesting permission to do a little remodeling.

General Kitchen Rules Should Apply to Your Office Too

Chances are you might have food in your office, which is fine; you and your employees have to eat lunch. But try to avoid strong-smelling foods because these odors can be sucked into the ventilation system and end up in other people's offices. Obviously, strong-smelling is a subjective quality. But there are some foods that are definitely stronger than others, like fish or chili. If you wouldn't want to smell a co-worker's food, you can imagine that your neighbors wouldn't want to smell yours.

Ensure the Parking Lot Can Handle Your Business

Are you planning to turn your business into a high-volume endeavor with lots of customers? Be sure the parking lot at the office site can handle the customers without preventing customers for other businesses from finding spaces. Your projected daily visits should be well within the number of parking spots available.

Be Aware of Pest Control

Commercial office building management companies are good about pest control because they know pests would drive away customers. Help the management out by keeping your office clean and not leaving food out overnight. Report signs of infestations to management; early discovery means easier control.

You can also ask a professional, like Hartman Income REIT, for more tips on etiquette. You'll quickly get into the swing of things as your rental term continues and you renew your lease.  You'll see how others in the building conduct their business in ways that don't impact the other building occupants, and you can pick up tips and strategies for being a great office tenant.