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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

Buying An Investment Multiplex? Eliminate The Need To Manage With A Concrete Purchase Plan

by Dan Vasquez

When someone invests their money, they have so many options to choose from. One of the main decisions that must be made is whether they want it to be an active or passive investment. Being in control of your investment has the potential to provide you with better results based on your decision-making. If you are getting ready to buy a multiplex as an investment, you have a lot of things to consider. Living in the place can lead to some complications with tenants if they know that you are the owner of the property. There are so many aspects that go into property management, so it is important to follow tips on picking the right home and house hunting so that you can set yourself up for passive success. 

Find One That Meets Your Living Needs

While your investment is important, you should not sacrifice on the things that you need. In a multiplex, you could end up with two to four units depending on your budget and what you find on the market. It is crucial to find a property that provides you with a unit that has everything you need. This could mean having three bedrooms, two bathrooms, or a large kitchen to enjoy cooking with your family. You can always upgrade to a condo, townhome, or house later, but do not pass up your foreseeable needs.

Consider General Improvements

An excellent way to make the most money on your rental is to make improvements that will benefit everyone who will be using it. Changing the appliances in a single unit is not going to increase the rent for another unit. This means you may want to focus on buying a multiplex with room for improvement in terms of general features. The landscape may not be impressive, but you can work on it as soon as you buy the place. Finishing the project before listing the rental units is a smart plan to keep your ownership information private. Then, you can hand over the duties to a property manager and let them handle the maintenance.

Plan to Hire a Property Manager

While it is much easier for you to respond to questions and emergencies when you live in your investment multiplex, you can save yourself from door knocks every time a tenant has something to ask. A property manager will handle everything that you would do and they can keep you informed about everything. It will be a lot easier to review their work because you will be living among the people they manage.

Buying a multiplex with this information in mind should lead to a better property purchase.

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