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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

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seller fiancing a home - is it your best option?

Choosing An Industrial Lot To Develop

by Dan Vasquez

Buying industrial land that is for sale can be a useful investment for your business because it will allow you to develop the lot so that it can properly meet the requirements of your business. 

Avoid Underestimating The Amount Of Space The Business Will Need

A common mistake that can be easy to do when you are buying an industrial lot for your business could be choosing a lot that is actually too small for your enterprise's particular needs. A common example of this could be choosing an industrial lot that is far too small to comfortably accommodate the industrial facility, onsite storage, and employee parking. Being aware of the minimum square footage that your business will need can assist with evaluating potential industrial lots before committing to buying one.

Be Mindful Of Local Zoning Laws And Regulations

There are many zoning laws and other regulations that industrial businesses will have to follow. Unfortunately, failing to review these ordinances when you are looking at potential lots can end with your business buying a lot that may have far more restrictive zoning than is ideal. In fact, some of these zoning regulations may even prevent the business from being able to operate as intended. A comprehensive review of local regulations can be time-consuming, but this step will be the only way to know before buying the property whether your business's full range of activities will be allowed on the site.  

Consider The Time And Costs Involved With Developing The Property

One of the reasons that a business may choose to buy an industrial lot is due to the fact that they will be able to develop it according to their needs. However, the fact also remains that there are many instances where some lots may be more difficult or costly to develop than others. This could be due to the lot having soil stability problems, poor drainage, uneven terrain, or other potential issues that could delay the progress of the construction work or even lead to substantially higher costs for the project.

Having a development assessment complete for the lot can help to shed light on some of these potential problems so that you will know the steps and costs that will be involved with mitigating them. Luckily, a contractor that specializes in industrial land development projects will be able to help you anticipate these potential issues due to their experience with designing, overseeing, and completing this type of building project.

Contact a local real estate service to learn more about industrial land for sale.